How to upload EDI files ?

For upload EDI go through below procedure.

1. Log in with your web user ID.
2. In inventory go to EDI File option.
3. List of available edi will display with status.
4. For add new EDI file click on add new option.
5. When click on add new option then window for upload EDI would open.


6. Select file type from dropdown.
7. EDI file types are already defined.
8. After file type selection from your storage upload file of EDI of type which you have selected in file type.
9. Selected file will display with name.
10. There is one option name as vendor.
11. Vendor is not compulsory to select but if you want to create PO with particular then you can select existing vendor.
12. There are two option for PO. if you want to process with existing PO then select option “Select existing PO” and want to create new PO then select radio button “Create new PO”.
13. Invoice # is compulsory field to process further.
14. Enter any alphabetic or numeric value invoice #.


15. There are two options for further process.
16. If you want to process withing same invoice then apply process button and if you do not want to currently process and want to change in future then select save for later.