Add and Edit Taxes

Creating Taxes in Rapid RMS App

Tax master is a module in which you can add new tax, Edit existing tax and delete tax.

1: Open RAPID RMS application in IOS

2: Select inventory management from Dashboard


3: Select tax master from item management menu from the top left corner.

4: Click the Item Management menu icon.


5: Click Tax Master.



1: Click on new tax  button for adding new tax.


7: When click on new then following screen will open.


  • First row is for tax name. Enter tax name in this field.
  • Another is selection for tax type. If dollar is selected then created tax would be in dollar and if % is selected then created tax is with percentage amount
  • Last one is field for Tax amount. Enter tax amount and click on save.
  • Created tax would display in tax list screen.


You can edit already exist tax detail.

1. Click on any tax name for editing tax detail. Tax will open in edit mode.

Following screen will open when click any tax in edit mode.


2. When open tax in edit mode then tax is appear with tax name and amount. If you want to change any detail then edit detail and click on save button.
3. Tax will edit and if you don’t want to edit then click on cancel button.


1. From tax master tax can be delete.
2. For delete tax open that tax in edit mode.
3. Click on delete.


4. When click on delete and if there is nothing in tax that means selected tax not applied in any item then confirmation message for tax delete would pop up.


5. Apply yes.
6. Tax would delete successfully.
7. If there is selected tax apply in item(S) then it would not allow to delete tax and warning alert message will display.


8. If you want to delete this tax then from item need to remove tax then you can delete tax.