How to Transfer Order from source to destination store?

-> It Is used when source store want to send items to destination store.

To Transfer Order follow below steps :

1. Open Rapid rms app.
2. Go to Inventory Transfer module.
3. Go to Open Transfer Order section.
4. Now open any transfer order which was Generated from Generate order or created by shortcut from Open Transfer Order.


5. From Transfer order items page, tap on ‘send Qty’ for set send Qty which source store want to send.


6. After Set Qty select items and click on Delivery Button.
7. Now Enter Invoice number and tap on save button.


8. Now you will see transfer Order In ‘In Route Order’ module of inventory transfer and ‘Receiving pending’ of po module.
-> Inventory Transfer -> In-route order -> In route transfer order list.



-> Purchase Order -> Receiving pending -> Receiving list.