How to set up pax with pos and bof ?

How to set up pax with pos and bof( need to select pax from payment gateway) also for tender type as well for ipad side.

Pax is compulsory to setup from BOF because without it user can not access pax in ipad.

Set Pax from BOF :

1. Sign in with your login id-> Go to setting -> Store -> Payment Type -> Gateway.
2. Now select Pax option in Card type field.
3. Click on Update button.


Configure Pax with ipad :

1. Open RapidRMS application.
2. In bottom screen of dashboard, Tap on Options icon and enter 4 digit password.
3. Now from setting list Tap on ‘Pax Configuration’ option.
4. Enter Device IP and device Port of Active Pax device and click on Test Connection button.
5. Now you will see ipad connected with pax device.