How to set print receipt for payment ?

In bill when complete transaction then one receipt for payment will print.

Print receipt can be set from setting.

1. Open rapid rms application.
2. Go to setting module.
3. Tap on tender configuration.
4. There are all payment list available in store.


5. Open any of payment type by arrow button. Whatever settings are set in that payment type would display in that payment row.
6. There will be two option available for print receipt.


7. Select print receipt and hit back arrow.
8. When hit back arrow then only settings remain save.
9. If you select print receipt then when transaction by that payment type and printer is connected then receipt of payment will print.


10. But if option is On and printer is not connected then there would alert for printer connection fail.


11. When from setting if there is option selected do not print receipt then receipt will not print whether printer is connected or not and also there is no alert for failure of printer connection.