How to set up Bluetooth printer?

Set up a Wi-Fi Network
1. The Bluetooth printer connects wirelessly to an iPad using Bluetooth technology, avoiding a Wi-Fi connection. However, you will need Internet access to complete credit card transaction and the cloud-based features.
2. A network setup depends primarily on the Internet service provider and may include a router or modem device to have a Wi-Fi network.

Pair the Printer and the iPad
1. Plug the power cable into the right most port on the back of the printer.
2. Power the printer on.
3. Load a roll of paper into the printer.
4. Hold the PAIR button for 15 seconds. Note: You have 60 seconds to pair your iPad. Make sure you have it nearby!
5. Open your iPad Settings and open Bluetooth menu.
6. Click the Star Micronics printer listed in Other Devices.
7. Once your printer and iPad are connected, the back of the printer will have a solid blue light to confirm the connection.

Connect the Printer and the Cash Drawer (optional)
1. Make sure the printer and the iPad are paired.
2. Plug the cable included with the cash drawer into the DK port on the back of the printer.
3. Connect the larger end of the cable to the underside of the cash drawer.

Enable Printer Settings in Rapid RMS
1. Open Rapid RMS app.
2. Select Settings at the bottom on the screen.
3. On the right, under hardware, click printer.
4. Click TCP Bluetooth/TCP.
5. Select Bluetooth


Your printer is now ready to go! You can establish tender print receipt configuration.