How to review CC batch ?

All credit, debit and EBT transactions listed in cc batch.

1. Open rapid rms application.
2. Go to daily report module.
3. Open CC batch.


4. In cc overview graphysical representation display of all transaction with total number of transactions and total transaction amount.


5. In current transaction all the transactions of current device and all register will listed with date & time, card number, type, total amount and invoice number.


6. If you want to filter data register wise then you can filter it by register filter.


7. From card type also you can search transaction.


8. In device summary all the transactions of credit, debit and Ebt would display after settle batch.
9. When batch is settle then all entries remove.


10. In device batch all cars transactions display with date & time, card number, amount and invoice number.
11. Transaction can be filter by card type and also can be search by invoice#, Auth Code and card number.