Add and Edit Payment Types

Another way to add payment types in the Rapid RMS app is detailed below:

1: Open the Rapid RMS app on your iPad

2: Click Settings from the Dashboard.


3: Click Tender Configuration.


4: Click Add Payment Mode.


5: Enter the following information:


  • Payment Name: This is the name of the payment. For example, cash.
  • Payment Code: A payment code is used for reporting. For cash, a payment code could be ‘CA’
  • Payment Type: Defines the payment for the cash register module.
  • Surcharge: By selecting surcharge, you will be adding a fee to customers who use this particular tender.
  • Drop Amount: The Drop Amount selection should only be selected for a tender when the store is giving customer money. If selected, any amount charged with this method will leave a negative balance in the register. For example, lottery ticket winnings pull from the cash drawer.

6: Click Save when finished.