How to manage Vendor for Item in iPad

You can maintain your regular vendor list and also manage sales representative of each vendor if any. You can set one or more vendor for your Item or sales representative for your Item. So by clicking on particular item you know the number of vendor list for same item with contact info.

1. Open RapidRMS application in your iPad.
2. Select Inventory Management from dashboard.
3. Enter your valid passcode to access Inventory Management Module.
4. Click on New Item from bottom of the page to add new Item or click on item from the list to edit existing Item.


5. Add/Edit Item screen will open.
6. In top of the screen it has Info, Pricing, Discount, History and Option tabs.
7. It has vendor section under Info tab.
8. Click on > to select vendor for Item. Vendor list will open.


9. Select any vendor from the list or click on Add New Vendor button from bottom of the screen to add new vendor.


10. Fill vendor necessary detail and click on save button. Added vendor will appear in list.
11. If you want to add sales representative detail, first select vendor from the list.
12. The vendor marked as selected and > sign will appear in right side.


13. Click on the > sign. Sales Representative window will open.


14. Select Sales Representative from the list or click on Add Representative button from the bottom of the page.


15. Add necessary detail and click on save button. Added sales representative will appear in the list.
16. Go back to Info page.
17. Selected vendor and sales representative detail will appear below supplier field.
18. Click on Save button to apply changes in Item.