How to setup Pax?

Pax device setup for take credit card transaction in Rapid POS.
1. To set up your Pax device, first open up Rapid RMS on your iPad.
2. On the main dashboard, click on the Settings icon at the bottom of the screen.
3. A left-hand menu will appear. Choose Hardware Settings > Pax Configuration.
4. This is where you will enter your Pax IP and Port numbers. Here is how to find your IP

  1. On your Pax device, select Menu
  2. Enter today’s date: mm/dd/yyyy
  3. Scroll down to Communication
  4. Enter your passcode
  5. Choose LAN Parameter > IP and write the IP down/li>


Now, on the iPad, enter the IP number in the IP field.

NOTE: If your IP number has zeros in the last two number sections, you will need to remove them.

For example:
If your IP number looks something like this:
Then, change it to this:
If your IP number looks something like this:
Then, change it to this:
In the Port field, enter this number:

Once you have entered the Port and IP numbers, click Save. You may now confirm the connection with a test CC sale.

  1. Now, login to your Back-Office.
  2. Go to Settings > Store > Payment Type and click on Gateway in the top tabs.
  3. Select Pax in the Card Type dropdown.
  4. In the Payment Mode dropdown, choose Live Mode and then click Update.
  5. Finally, exit the application on your iPad (double-click home button and swipe up) and restart to begin accepting Pax transactions.