How to reconcile order ?

In purchase order, Final stage of order is reconcile order. When whole process of order is complete then need to reconcile order for finalization.

For reconcile order follow below procedure.

1. Go to rapid rms application.
2. Open purchase order module from dashboard.
3. Hit delivery pending module.


4. In delivery pending all the orders which are move from open order would listed.
5. Orders will display with created date & time, opn #, title, invoice, delivery date& time, user and action.


6. Open any of the order which you want to reconcile.
7. At the bottom of the screen there would be one option available named as reconcile.
8. Hit reconcile option.


9. Pop up for conformation will display. Apply yes option.
10. When apply hit then pop up for the delivery remark text would display.
11. Enter valid text in it.
12. Click on save.


13. Order will successfully complete and move to order history.
14. After successful reconcile conformation message will appear.