Add, Edit and delete Sub-Departments

Sub department master is a module in which you can add new sub department, Edit/delete existing sub department and add department into sub department.

Sub department module is available in restaurant.

1: Open RAPID RMS application in IOS.

2: Select inventory management from Dashboard


3: Select sub department master from item management menu from the top left corner.



1: Click on new sub department button for adding new sub department in sub department master.


When click on new sub department button then following screen will open.


  • Sub department name: It is for name of sub department. Enter name of sub department. I.e. cold drinks could be name of sub department. Name of sub department must be unique.
  • Sub department code: Sub department code is used for record keeping. It can be numerical value or alphabet letter. Sub department code is compulsory to add for adding new sub department. i.e sub  department code could be 001.
  • Do not display in inventory: This button is for visibility of sub dept item in inventory. If you keep this button on then sub department item would not display in item master(inventory)
  • Department: It is field for to allot department to the sub department. You can assign any of department from list. Current sub department is part of Selected department.

2: Add image of sub department.

If u would like to distinguish departments by visual images, then you can select the image thumbnail on the right side to add an image that corresponds to the department


Select one of the following options: Take A Photo, Choose Existing, or Internet.

By remove image option you can remove added image.

3: Click on save button.


You can edit already exist sub department detail.

1: Click on any Sub department name for editing detail. Sub department will open in edit mode.

Following screen will open when click any sub department in edit mode.


2: When open sub department in edit mode then sub department is appear with sub department name, code, department name and with image. If you want to change any detail then edit detail and click on save button.

3: If you don’t want to edit then click on cancel button.

One tab is of item. This displays all items available in sub department.

And another tab is of department. This displays department list in which this sub department is linked up.


1: When want to delete already exist sub department then open that sub department in edit mode and click on delete button. And click on yes then sub department will be deleted.

2: At the time of creation, sub department you are not able to delete. Only existing sub department you can delete.

3: If there is any item in which sub department added then sub department can not be delete.


4: If in sub department there is none of item available then sub department can be deleted.