How to do group price change through IPAD ?

Group price change is a module by which you can change price and cost of item(S) in bulk or individual by department, group, vender and tag.

Steps to change item price/cost.

1. Open rapid rms application.
2. Go to inventory management module and open it.
3. In side pan there is option group price change.


4. For new price/cost change click on ‘add’ tab.


5. When click on add then page for category selection would display. From that select any of one.
6. Select category from four in which belong items price/cost you want to change.


7. Let suppose you want to change price of any department’s item then select radio button of department.
8. Then select perticular department from list. All available items(S) of that department would listed.
9. Select item(S) from list.
10. Click on next.


11. In second phase there are two options available. 1) custom price and 2) Variable price.
12. Custom price : When you select custom price option then cost and price of single, case and pack can be change of selected items.
13. Variable price : When you select variable price then items price/cost will be increase or decrease in $ or % according to enter value.
14. When select variable price then pop up will open.


15. According to selected option and value item price and cost value would reflect in case pack table.
16. Apply next.


17. As we have selected value increase by 8% then new value will be increase by 8 % from old value. If old value is 00 then nothing will be change.


18. Now click on finish.
19. In inventory now item(S) will available with new price/cost.
20. Change record will listed.


21. In action button there is three option available. If u will print pdf then item old and new value record will be display.


22. One more functionality is there if you want to revert price change then also you can.
23. Click on action button and apply revert. Your price change will revert and item get old price. And in list that revert change display with red color.