Receipts Not Printing

The issue likely has to do with the connection between the iPad and the printer.

1: Check if the printer is connected to the iPad via Bluetooth.

a) Open Settings on the iPad. Click Bluetooth, and find the printer you would like to connect. If your printer is not listed move to Step 2.

b) Click the printer you wish to connect. If the printer does not connect, move to step 2.

2: Power on the printer and hold down the PAIR red button located on the back of the printer near the power/cash drawer cable for 5 seconds.

3: Open Settings on the iPad, click Bluetooth and find the printer.

4: Click the printer to pair/connect.

Another issue might be that you have not enabled receipts to print for the customer’s payment method. Follow these steps to enable tender configuration.

Once you have enabled receipt printing for the tender, return to the cash register module. Click Last Invoice in the bottom left corner.

A popup will appear saying “Do you want to print last receipt.” Click Yes.

A receipt will then print for the transaction.