How do I create buy down promotions for RJR scan data?

1. Sign in with your web log in.
2. Go to setting menu and select by down promotion.


3. For adding new promotion go to add tab.
4. This is three step procedure.

create buydown promotions for RJR scan data02

5. Enter name of discount and remarks regarding discount.
6. Enter quantity, type of discount application either in $ or in %.
7. Enter amount of discount apply. It should numeric value.
8. Define from date and to date. Define date from where you want to apply discount in ‘from date’ field and define date till discount should applicable in ‘to date’ field.
9. Go to next.
10. First need to select package type. select radio button In which form (all, single, case, pack) need to apply discount.
11. Item list will display. Select item on which you want to apply discount.

create buydown promotions for RJR scan data03

12. Click on next.
13. It will display list of item which were selected for discount. If you want to remove item from discount then you can remove from here.
14. Apply finish.

create buydown promotions for RJR scan data04

15. Added discount will display in list with added detail.
16. By this method by down promotion creation is possible.

create buydown promotions for RJR scan data05