How to apply EBT on ring up items ?

EBT option should ON from BOF before apply EBT on ring up items.

Steps to ON EBT option

1. Sign in with your log in id -> Go to settings -> Store ->Payment Type ->Payment setting -> EBT -> Set EBT ON.


Steps to apply EBT on ring up items.
1. Open Rapidrms application.
2. Go to Cash Register module.
3. Ringup items.
4. In left side of pos screen , tap on main menu icon.
5. Now, from list tap on EBT option.


6. Now you will see EBT popup for Apply EBT and Remove EBT.
7. Now select Either ‘All items’ or ‘EBT Items’ option.
8. After select any one option and according that in bill screen item appear selected.
9. Now click on ‘Apply EBT’ button.


10. Now In bottom of bill screen, you will see EBT Amount.