How to add item in purchase order list from Po module

For creating open order need to add items in purchase order list.

1. Go to rapid rms application.
2. Open purchase order module from dashboard.


3. Click on PO list.


There would be display blank list if none of the item available in Po.

For adding items in PO list there are three ways.

From search bar item can be added in PO list.
1. Enter any Text in search bar. i.e item name, UPC etc.
2. If item available in inventory then directly it will added to list.
3. And if not then validation message appear for the not availability.


From search option which available at bottom through that item can be added.
1. When click on search option then item list display.
2. Select item(S) you want to add.
3. Click on add button.
4. Selected item will added into PO item list.


From filter item can be added.
There is filter button available at the top of the purchase order list screen. By that item can be added in PO list.


1. Click on filter option display in screen.
2. Select any of category from department, sub department, vendor, groups, tags etc.
3. Select sub section from main section.
4. Item which are available in filtered data will display in PO list screen after hit ;apply’ option.