How to add item in PO order

There are many ways to add items in PO list.

1. From particular module item can add directly add into PO list via ‘Add to PO’ option.
2. From generate order module.
3. From PO module.

1. Item added via add to PO option in item.

1. Go to module .i.e inventory management or cash register or Item movement.
2. Inventory management.
3. Go to inventory management module.
4. Open any item in edit mode.
5. There is one option available named as ‘Add to PO’.


6. When click on Add to PO then that item will add to PO.

2. Item added to po via inventory management
1. Go to inventory management module.
2. Hit select button.
3. Select items from list which you want to added in PO.
4. Apply add to PO button which is available at the bottom bar.


5. Selected items will added to PO.


3. Cash register.

1. Open cash register module.
2. For every item there is option ‘ADD TO PO’ for adding item directly in PO list.


4. Item movement

1. Open item movement module.
2. Add some item in list.
3. Select item(S) which you want to add in purchase order.
4. Apply add to open order option.
5. Selected items will added to PO list.