How to add group in item?

You can specify product in different group as per your requirement.

Here are the steps how manage Item groups.
1. Open RapidRMS application in your iPad.
2. Select Inventory Management from dashboard.
3. Enter your valid passcode to access Inventory Management Module.
4. Click on New Item from bottom of the page to add new Item or click on item from the list to edit existing Item.


5. Add/Edit Item screen will open.
6. In top of the screen it has Info, Pricing, Discount, History and Option tabs.
7. It has Product Info section under Info tab.


8. For eding group click on <.
9. All available group will listed in screen.
10. Select from list and apply done option.
11. Selected group will added in item.
12. If you want to create a new group then click on add option.


13. Now screen for add new group will open.
14. Enter group name and apply save.


15. Group will added to item.
16. Apply save in item. Added group remain save in item.