4 Quick Ways to Double Your Gift Card Sales

4 Quick Ways to Double Your Gift Card Sales

Did you know 72% of customers will spend MORE than the value of their gift card?

Offering gift cards at your store is a wise business decision. We’ve asked several store owners what works best for them and have compiled a list of the four quickest ways to double your gift card sales today…

Put gift cards on display.

If customers can’t see your gift cards, they don’t know you have them.

Display your gift cards nicely on the checkout counter and on tables around the store. This will serve as a reminder to shoppers that you offer gift cards so if they aren’t purchasing one today, they’ll at least remember your store the next time they need a gift.

Target last-minute gift shoppers.

Utilize your social media channels and email lists to target last-minute shoppers around the holidays.

Keep in mind that giving last-minute shoppers a sense of urgency is most effective. You could offer a deal like, “10% off gift cards TODAY ONLY!”, or “ONLY 5 gift cards left!”

Customize holiday gift cards.

Market your gift cards by customizing them for different seasons and holidays.

For example, around Valentine’s Day, customers would prefer to purchase gift cards with hearts that say “Happy Valentine’s Day!” rather than plain ones that could be used for any occasion.

Customizing your cards is a wise marketing tactic. Customized gift cards are more likely to catch the eye of a shopper and remind them of an upcoming holiday and their need to purchase a gift.

Motivate your staff to sell gift cards.

Last but not least, one of the most effective ways to sell gift cards is to motivate your staff. They can kindly remind shoppers at the checkout counter about the opportunity to purchase a gift card.

To motivate staff, you can launch a contest to reward whoever sells the most gift cards in a certain week or month.