How to View Item History in iPad

You can view individual Item history like last cost, last price, last sold date, last quantity etc. You can also view sold history by specific time span like weekly, quarterly, yearly.

Here are the steps how to view Item history.

1. Open RapidRMS application in your iPad.
2. Select Inventory Management from dashboard.
3. Enter your valid passcode to access Inventory Management Module.
4. Click on item from the list to edit existing Item.


5. Edit Item screen will open.
6. In top of the screen it has Info, Pricing, Discount, History and Option tabs.

7. Click on History tab from top of the screen.
8. In Item history, Last Cost, Last Sold Price, Last Qty before Update and Last Sold date will appear.


9. In Sold History you can check number of item sold as single, case and pack in specific time period. i.e. today, yesterday, weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly.