User Rights

First, login to your Back-Office at [yourstore]

Create Roles

In the left-hand menu, choose Settings > Staff > Role Management

At the top of the screen, choose Add.

Name the role here, i.e. Cashier or Manager

Then, select the individual pages and POS Rights that you would like this role to have.

All of the top-level categories shown are for Back-Office rights, except for POS Rights. POS Rights pertains to access to the iPad app functions.

You can click on the + sign on each top-level category for sub-level rights. For example, when you click the + on POS Rights > Cash Register > Sales Screen, you can choose whether the Cashier role has rights to Change Price. You may only want a Manager to have this right.

TIP: If you would like a particular role to have most of the rights, choose Select All, and then unselect the rights you would like to limit.

When you are finished, select Save and you can begin setting up rights for the next Role.

Assign Roles to Users

To assign a role to a user, choose Settings > Staff > User List

Find the user you would like to assign a role to. Then, click the corresponding doc-Actionbtn button in the far right column.

Click on Edit and you will be taken to the user’s settings.

In the top navigation, choose User Rights.

Here, you can now choose which role pertains to this user.

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 11.08.37 AM

If you would like this specific user to have unique rights, you can then select/unselect particular rights in the list shown below.

Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 11.10.09 AM

When you are finished, click Save.