How to upload inventory using CSV ?

For upload inventory follow procedure.

1. Download csv from any store from which you want items.
2. Log in with item origin store.
3. Go to item tab from inventory.
4. There is one button with symbol like print.
5. Hit that button.
6. Select Export to csv from list.


7. One file with .csv format will download.
8. Save that file in personal storage.


9. Log in with that store credential in which you want to upload inventory.
10. Now open this URL to upload inventory :
11. There is one option add click on that option.


12. Below screen will open.
13. Fill up proper detail.
14. Select created date.
15. Upload that csv format item which is previously downloaded.
16. Hit save.


17. In upload item list that entry will listed.
18. This entry will listed with in progress status.
19. There is one action button, click on that.


20. Edit that entry.
22. File item will listed.
23. Click on process csv option(Transfer file option).


24. After complete procedure of uploading in list it will display with status complete.
If in store there are items available with same item which are available file then items will not upload and that duplicated item will listed in error items.


All items will added in store.


All items will listed in store with proper data which are available in csv file.