The Real Reason You Need A New POS System

Still have an old clunky cash register? Tackling your inventory with paper and pencil? Spending hours tallying up your sales?

Maybe it’s time to move in a new direction.

As technology has progressed, old-school cash registers have become outdated. They are simply a thing of the past. Moving to a more advanced point-of-sale (POS) system can help a small business grow and develop.

According to Entrepreneur Magazine, retailers who invest in a POS system save 10% annually. New-age POS systems have a lot to offer, and here are some features to consider when selecting your own!


Without an efficient POS system, transactions can take time, and customers don’t want to wait. Having the right POS system can make transactions move quicker.

With an iPad-based POS system that integrates cloud-based features, transactions can be completed in various parts of the store — not just at the counter.

Sales associates can be more interactive with customers. They can quickly search the inventory on their iPad to see what other products to recommend based on a customer’s interest. Having the right POS system can make a customer’s shopping experience more enjoyable.

Inventory Management

Inventory can be the most time consuming and grueling aspect for any small business. With an efficient POS system, you can easily organize information and keep track of which products have been sold. As product is sold, an advanced POS system allows users to see which products they need to restock. Customers appreciate a well-stocked store, and they might stop shopping at your store if their product isn’t readily available.

In addition, well-developed POS software should allow you to see what products are best-sellers and what products are not being sold. Having this data helps you to avoid purchasing too much of a product that isn’t making any money and invest in the products that are bringing in the cash.

Customer Loyalty

Knowing your customer is crucial. A study done by Software Advice reports that 66% of customers will stop shopping at a retailer if they are not recognized as loyal. POS systems that integrate loyalty features allow you to collect important customer information such as purchase history, number of visits, email address, and phone number.

Having customer information readily available, allows you to quickly send out sale information and product updates. You no longer have to simply hope that your sale sign will attract customer attention.


The best iPad POS systems let you gather multiple reports. You can easily see how many hours your employees worked to who has sold the most product. Reporting is a key factor in knowing how your business stands. Reporting can even help you integrate goals for your staff — making the work environment more strategic as well as effective.

With a cloud-based POS system, store owners are able to access reports anywhere. When you take that much needed vacation, you no longer have to worry about your business. You can easily check-in by using an iPad or laptop.

The right POS system allows you to spend less time crunching numbers and more time focusing on whats truly important — the growth of your business.

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