How to sign up for new store ?

For create new store follow below procedure.

1. Open browser and put url :
2. Enter ID and password :
UserName :
PassWord : U6n#GT
3. Below page would open for add detail of new store.


4. Enter first name and last name.
5. Enter email address which would be user name for store log in.
6. Enter password which would be password of store.
7. Enter phone number.
8. Enter Store name.


9. Select store type from list. I.e retail only, restaurant etc whatever type store you want can select from list.
10. Enter captcha.
11. Select check box for teams and condition.
12. From demo and live always select radio button.
13. Click on next option.


14. Below page will open.
15. Enter code that will on registered mobile number.
16. Click on verify.


17. Below page will open to enter store address and other detail.
18. Enter proper detail and click on save.


19. Now new store will create.
20. Go to dashboard for store detail.


21. Now from sign up page any time you can log in into new created store.