How to set quantity in reorder ?

in purchase order qty which we want to order in our store need to set that qty in reorder at the time of new order creation.

1. Go to rapid rms application.
2. Open purchase order module from dashboard.


3. Click on PO list.


4. Add some items in PO list.
5. Select item from list which you want to add in order.
6. There should be one column for enter qty for reorder. If in item case/pack define then qty reorder display in form of single/case/pack and if case/pack not define then only field for single is display.
7. Click on item reorder field in which you want to set reorder quantity.
8. Set reorder quantity.
9. Apply on done button.


10. Entered quantity will set it item.
11. After set reorder quantity save the changes.
12. When create open order then item will process further with reordered quantity.
13. Same as this module reorder qty can be set in open order module.