How to review Z history from manager report ?

In Z history all the z reports of current month is display with related data.

1. Open rapid rms application.
2. Go to daily report.
3. Open manager report.
4. Tap to z history which is placed at the second column.


5. In Z history all applied z reports display.
6. In right side pane all Z are listed with Z applied date, register name, batch #, Sales amount, tax amount and with total sales amount.


7. Whichever Z report you select, in left side all detail information of that particular report will display.
8. If you want to see another month Z report then there is one menu named as date.
9. Select month and year in scrollbar.
10. And apply save.
11. Selected month Z will display in list.


12. In Z history all the Z reports are listed but if you want to review particular register’s Z then you can filter by register.
13. Apply filter.
14. Select register.


15. Selected registered Z report would display.


16. Register filter will remove from clear all option.