How to review shift history from manager report ?

In shift history all the shifts of current month is display with related data.

1. Open rapid rms application.
2. Go to daily report.
3. Open manager report.
4. Tap to shift history which is placed at the first column.


5. In shift history all the shifts are display with whole data.
6. In right side pane all shifts are listed with open close time and date, register & branch name, open/close status and with total shift amount.


7. Whichever shift you select, in left side all detail information of that particular shift will display.
8. If you want to see another month sgift then there is one menu named as date.
9. Select month and year in scrollbar.
10. And apply save.
11. Selected month shifts will display in list.


12. In shift history all the shifts are listed but if you want to review particular register’s shift then you can filter by register.
13. Apply filter.
14. Select register.


15. Selected registered shift would display.