How to review centralized Z from manager report ?

In daily report centralized Z is the reporting section for all applied Z.

In centralized Z report, entries are displayed according to all z applied.

Day wise one entry is display and in that one entry all the Z which are applied would display.

1. Open rapid rms application.
2. Go to manager report.
3. Open centralized Z.
4. All the Z report entry display day wise when last Z applied. In one entry all the z applied display according to register wise.


5. If you want to view previous month Z history then you can do by date filter.
6. In centralize Z it will not filter by date its only filter by month.


7. In centralized z you can view register wise history.
8. Tap on any z report.
9. There are two section display.
10. History and custom.


11. In history all viewed history display according to register.
12. In custom you can select different register and can view z history of applied z by that register.
13. Select custom.
14. It will display all the registers by which z applied.
15. Select some register.
16. Apply done.
17. Combined register total data will display and that history will added to viewed history list.



18. And in z report selected register combined z report data display.