How to review centralized shift from manager report ?

In daily report, centralized shift is the reporting section for all centralized shift.

In centralized shift report, entries are display day wise.

Day wise one entry is display and in that one shift entry all the shifts which are open and close on that particular day would display.

1. Open rapid rms application.
2. Go to manager report.
3. Open centralized shift.
4. All the shifts are display day wise.


5. If you want to view previous month shift history then you can do by date filter.
6. In centralize shift it will not filter by date its only filter by month.


7. In centralized shift you can view register wise history also.
8. Tap on any shift entry.
9. There are two section display.
10. History and custom.


11. In history all viewed history display according to register.
12. In custom you can select different register and can view shift history of one day completed by that register.
13. Select custom.
14. It will display all the registers by which shift are open and close.
15. Select some register.
16. Apply done.
17. Combined register total data will display and that history will added to viewed history list.