How to Return inventory from PO?

Follow below steps to return inventory item(s) from PO.

1. Open Rapid rms application.
2. Go to Purchase Order module.
3. Go to PO list page either directly ‘PO list’ option or Generate PO list from generate order page.


4. Now in ‘Purchase Order list’ page, Add that item which you want to return.
5. Tap on ‘QTY reorder’ column for enter return Qty.
6. Now you will see new popup with item detail, enter return qty number and click on done button.
7. Now tap on ‘Status’ column for change status.
8. From Status popup,select ‘Return’ option and click on Done button.


9. Now select that item and put it on Open order list by create open order button.
10. From open order items page, user can change ‘status’ and ‘Qty Reorder’.
11. From open order items page, select item and click on Delivery button and enter delivery invoice number and save it.


12. Now in Delivery Screen page, tap on ‘Receive Qty’ column and enter qty.
13. Select that item and click on reconcile button.


14. Now you will see return Qty will be minus from that item’s Qty OH.( RIM -> Item list -> Tap on return item -> Check new Qty OH).