How to reconcile invoice in inventory count ?

In inventory count when from one or other places counting complete then from that individual place want to stop counting then invoice can be reconciled.

For reconcile invoice follow below steps :

1. Open rapid rms application.
2. Go to inventory count module.
3. Open recall module.


4. All the invoices which are on hold are display in recall module.
5. Open any of invoice which individual counting is complete.
6. In recall list in one invoice all the places display from where counting is started.


7. Now apply reconcile. If you want to change in item qty or want to add item in counting then also you can add and after then you can reconcile.


8. Give yes.


9. After complete reconcile, invoice will move to reconcile list.
10. Go to reconcile module.


11. In reconcile list invoice is added with status as incomplete.
12. From reconcile you can complete invoice, BUt is there is still from somewhere counting is not complete till then you can not complete invoice.
13. After complete all places counting, invoice can complete.