Pax is not working when I click credit/debit on I-pad it doesn’t pop on Pax?

The possible issue with iPad and Pax. Follow below steps: –

1. Check your network. make sure Pax and iPad network in the same network or not? if they are not in same network, you will have to connect in same network.

And If they are both same network follow bellow step .

2. Now, you will have to check iPad IP address. Make sure iPad IP address must be match with Pax IP address. if iPad IP address different than Pax IP address so, you need to enter Pax IP address in the iPad. for example, Pax IP address is so, you will have to enter same IP address in the iPad.

3. After you entered IP address in the iPad, you will have to save.

4. If you want to check if it will work or not. You will have to click on Pax connection after you saved. It will tell you that your Pax IP address will have connected or not.