How to PAIR Datalogic Bluetooth scanner with iPad ?

How to PAIR Datalogic Bluetooth scanner with iPad?
To successfully pair the scanner with the iPad, you will need to print Datalogic Scanner Manual from Rapid Support page or print the Datalogic Scanner manual from the manufacturer. We will be doing the following steps:

  1. Open Bluetooth on the iPad.
  2. Search for the scanner.
  3. Select the scanner.
  4. Scan the PIN variable using the number page.
  5. Scan Exit the PIN variable to complete the connection.

Step 1: Enable scanner for Variable PIN Code
Some Bluetooth drivers on the Host require a Variable PIN Code. When attempting connection, the application presents a window that includes a PIN Code which is to be input using the scanner.

Scan Variable PIN Code with your scanner.


Step 2: Open Bluetooth settings on your iPad
Go to iPad Settings > Bluetooth.

Scan Link to PC in HID with your scanner.


Step 3: Detect your scanner under search and select to continue…
If your scanner does not detect under search in Bluetooth Settings, please scan the code above and wait for your scanner to detect. Repeat the steps as needed.

Select the scanner [ name ] that appears on the screen.


WARNING: When promoted on STEP 4, you must scan all numbers and scan Exit HID Variable within less than 10 to 20 seconds to successfully connect, otherwise it will NOT connect.

Step 4: Scan Numbers
A series of a number will appear on the screen, please scan number(s) below using your scanner.
Scan Exit HID Variable Pin Code.


Continue Step 1 to 4 if you fail to connect the scanner.