How to open/close shift from daily report ?

In daily report module there is one shift report in which all detail display according to one shift open and close.

For shift report follow below procedure.

1. Open rapid rms application.
2. Go to Daily report module.


3. When open daily report then default shift report open.
4. If shift is already close then all data display and open shift button display enable.


5. When open shift then Pop up for opening amount would display. If you want to enter opening amount then you can enter at the time of opening shift.
6. You can open shift at zero amount also.


7. When shift is open then close shift option display enable. In shift all transaction data display.


8. For close shift, apply close shift button.
9. At the time of close shift, closing amount can be enter.


10. At the time of shift close it will display pop up for print shift report.