Rapid RMS Notification setting

Rapid RMS application version 2.5.41 and above version would support push notification functionality.

When you install rapidrms from the app store or test flight and open application then pop up for notification permission would display.

If you want customize notification preference, regarding Rapid RMS app directly then follow the below procedure to get a better experience of notification without any disturbance while operating RCR.

  1. Install Rapid RMS application from test flight or app store.
  2. Launch Rapid RMS from iPad dashboard.
  3. At the time of launching the application, one pop up for notification allowance permission would display.
  4. You need to hit “Allow” in notification pop up for all live update and petro notification.

  5. If you select “Don’t Allow” in notification pop up, then you will not have automatic live update related to inventory and petro notification.
  6. To get the live update manually you have to select SYNC button from the cash register or inventory management.
  7. We advise you to select ALLOW you to get a live update.
For customize notification of Rapid RMS:

  1. Go to setting-> Notifications -> Rapid Rms.

    When notification allowance is ON then below all option can customize.
  2. After selecting RAPID RMS, you will get into notifications screen of RAPID RMS. Set your notifications setting like bellow image:
  3. Refer below image. Step 1, step 2 and step 7 must be configured as same as shown in below figure to get a notification.