How to manage discount in item

You can provide quantity based discount in your items. You can also apply department Tax on your specified discount. You can set one or more discounts in one item.

Here are the steps how to manage item discount.

1. Open RapidRMS application in your iPad.
2. Select Inventory Management from dashboard.
3. Enter your valid passcode to access Inventory Management Module.
4. Click on New Item from bottom of the page to add new Item or click on item from the list to edit existing Item.


5. Add/Edit Item screen will open.
6. In top of the screen it has Info, Pricing, Discount, History and Option tabs.
7. Click on Discount tab from top of the screen.
8. Set “No POS Discount” to ON if you don’t want to apply discount on Item at selling time. Default the option is set to OFF.


9. Click on “Use a quantity discount pricing table” option. Discount Detail table will open.


10. Specify Item quantity and Item Price.
11. Click on Add New button if you want to add more discounts.
12. Click on cancel button if you want to delete discount.
13. Click on Save button from bottom of the page to save the detail.