How to make tender shortcut ?

Follow below steps to add new payment type for tender configuration.

1. Open rapid rms application.
2. In bottom of dashboard screen click on ‘options’ icon and enter 4 digit number.
3. On left side pan select tender configuration option.
4. You will see add payment mode button, click on it.


5. Now in payment screen, add new payment type detail like credit, debit, gift card payment method and save detail.
6. After save payment type you will see it in tender type list.


Set Payment type for Tender Shortcut

1. Go to Tender configuration screen (RapidRMS app -> Tap on ‘Options’ icon -> Tap on Tender configuration option).
2. Tap on any one payment type.


3. After tap on payment type, another screen will open with some options.
4. At there, you will see ‘Tender Shortcut’ option, Set it On.


5. After Set Payment type(Ex: Gift Card) for shortcut, you will see that payment type in POS screen.