How to In item in inventory management ?

If you want to add item in open order for tracking received item then you can add via “In”.

1. Open rapid rms application.
2. Go to inventory management module.
3. Select IN section.


4. In section display with add, search, hold save, info and export option.
5. If you want to add item into in section then there are three ways.
6. From barcode scanning.
7. From add option you can add new item.
8. From search option already available item you can add.



9. After adding item you can enter quantity which you have received.


10. After adding item quantity you can put invoice on hold or can save that invoice.


11. When put item on hold or if save invoice then one pop up display.
12. Enter text and save.


13. When you hold invoice then it will move into open order.
14. When you save then invoice goes directly into close order.