How to turn off WiFi and go into offline mode and turn on WiFi ?

There are two ways to turn Off Wi-Fi.

Way 1
1. Hit setting icon available on ipad dashboard.


2. From side panel click on Wi-Fi.
3. Toggle button for Wi-Fi display ON.


4. Turn Off Wi-Fi.
5. Ipad will go in offline mode and internet would disconnect.


6. Again ON toggle button of Wi-Fi.
7. Select any one Wi-Fi from available Wi-Fi network which are display in list.
8. Ipad will connected to network.


Way 2

1. Double tap on home button from ipad.
2. Screen for shortcut should display.
3. If internet is connected then Wi-Fi option should display enable.


4. Click on Wi-Fi icon.
5. Wi-fi icon will disable.


6. Ipad will disconnected and goes to offline.
7. Again double tap on home button and hit Wi-Fi icon from shortcut screen.
8. Ipad will connect with internet.