Join Count in Inventory Count

Inventory count provides a way to count items in different places. It also allows multiple people to count inventory at once.

For example, two people are able to simultaneously count one item’s stock by using Join Count. 

1: Open the Rapid RMS app on an Apple iPhone

2: Click on the Inventory Count icon and enter your passcode

3: Click on Join Count

  • Here you will see a list of all recall and present invoices. You can join invoices that are on hold or reconciled but not completed.
  • You can also join all the incomplete invoices.
  • Once you select an invoice, it will ask you to enter the starting point that you begin counting.


5: Click on Add.


  • You can create new items, put invoices on hold, and create reconcile invoices.
  • Another option is View, to see an invoice and number of items reconciled. By clicking on View, you can see all the items you and others have added.


  • Unmatched will show you which newly added stock do not match up with original in inventory.
  • Matched will show you which newly added stock do match up with original in inventory.
  • Uncounted will show you which items are not calculated from inventory. If an item is in Recall, Join, or Reconcile then it will not display here.