How to give tips ?

At the time of payment if customer want to give extra tips then rapid give facility to give tips.

Note : For set tips in payment type tips option must be ON from back office.


1. Open rapid rms application.
2. Open setting module.
3. Go to tender setting.
4. Keep tips option ON.



1. Go to cash register.
2. Ring up items.
3. Select payment type.


There are three ways to add payment.

1. Add Tips from tender screen.
2. Add Tips from change screen.
3. Add Tips from signature screen.
4. Add Tips from invoice
5. Add Tips from CC batch

From payment screen

1. At the time of payment you can give tips.
2. At title bar there is one option tips, select that option.
3. One numpad will open enter amount of tips.


4. Tips you can give with the same payment type or separate payment type.



From change screen

1. After completion of transaction there is change screen display.
2. At top right corner there is one button named as tips.


3. From that you can give tips.


4. For tips value you can select different payment type also.

From Signature screen

1. Complete transaction by credit/debit card.
2. In signature screen there is an option for tips.


3. Tips will adjust with payment type which is selected in tender screen.



1. User can remove Tips from all options.
2. Only latest added tips must affect. Previously added tips must remove.
3. You cannot do payment of tips through credit card after completion of CC batch or payment type is not credit card payment.