How to do payment in RCR ?

When selling/return any of item then need to do payment. Rapid rms application give facility to pay amount by various payment type.

For payment follow below procedure.

1. Go to cash register.
2. Ring up items and click on item total.


3. It redirect to tender screen.


4. There are payment type available like cash, check, credit, EBT, Gift card, House Charge, or any other which are set from payment master.
5. In tender screen, payment is possible from more than one payment type.
6. In credit card split payment can be done.
7. In side pane there is numpad from there you can set amount in any of payment type manually.
8. At bottom bar there are fix option available which can be use directly and change amount will return.
9. After set payment method click on Done.
10. Transaction will complete.