Close Daily (Z) Report

1: From Cash Register click on close-monthly-zz-report-0 on bottom left corner. Select     and it will take you to reporting page.

2: On bottom center of the page, click on Z Report (daily report).


3: An pop up will ask, “Do you want to proceed with daily (z) report.” Click Yes.

4: A “Shift Close” screen will pop up. You may enter the amount you took out of the drawer or leave it as it is and click Close Shift.

Note: The purpose of this step is to figure out over/short of cash in the drawer

5: A popup will appear asking to print Shift Report and Daily Report (z).

Note: This screen allows the cashier to print his/her shift report and z (daily) report before proceeding for monthly report

6: Your daily (z) reports for that register is generated. You may see the sales data on the left side of the screen. You may chose to Print the report by click Print on the bottom left of the screen.


You can also email the report to yourself by clicking PDF/Email on bottom left of the screen. By clicking email, a popup will appear asking for your email. Under To on the top of the screen, enter your e-mail address and hit send on top right corner.


Note: A copy of this report is also generated under Manager Z in the back-office