How to Avoid Chargebacks with EMV

The EMV liability shift has arrived and many retailers have already made the update to chip card compatible POS systems. Along with the change, many of these small business owners have been noticing more chargebacks than usual.

These chargebacks are a standard part of running a business. Fortunately, there are ways to prevent and relieve situations when chargebacks occur.

Prevention is key — preferably at the time of the transaction. Here are some tips on how to avoid chargebacks from behind the counter.

6 Ways to Avoid EMV Chargebacks

  • Always process chip cards as EMV transactions (insert, don’t swipe)
  • Swipe non-chip cards through the terminal
  • If a card is declined, ask for another form of payment — do not re-swipe or override
  • Match the last four numbers on the slip
  • Request and verify the signature
  • For keyed/manual entry transactions, check the expiration date and make an imprint

(Source: Heartland Payment Systems)

Chargeback Response Times

In the case that you have encountered a chargeback transaction, response times will vary. The helpful diagram below indicates the response time according to card brand.

Source: Heartland Payment Systems