How to add Fee/Deposit ?

Fee/Deposit is used when Store want to collect extra charge on any item.

Steps to add Fee/Deposit
1. Open Rapidrms application.
2. Go to Inventory management module.
3. In RIM screen, tap on top left side main icon.
4. Tap on Fee/Deposit option.


5. Now in bottom screen of Fee/Deposit page click on Add button.


6. Now fill up Fee/deposit information and click on save button.
7. Now you will see new added fee/deposit in fee/deposit master list.


8. If you select either Fix fee or fix deposit then From $ or % or price at POs need to select any one option and define value.


9. If you select either by amount fee or by amount deposit then need to add price range
10. If price of item is in between define range then only fee/deposit would apply.


11. Apply save option new added fee/deposit will display in list.
12. If you want to delete fee/deposit then open in edit mode and apply delete option then fee/deposit will delete from list.