If handheld scanner will not scan what I do?

Scanner not charge and when we un plug charge and try to scan it won’t scan but if it’s plug in with charger it will scan so what is the problem?

  1. It could be charger problem.
  2. It could be scanner battery dead.
  3. Scanner socket chip was dead.

Scanner is not working on the sales screen OR it doesn’t any pop OR it will not also pop up like sometimes when we scan and if item is not in the system it will say item not found but I didn’t see that type of happen.

There are a lot of reasons that is not working

  1. It could be your cursor move other side from UPC toolbar which is near to search box option on the sales screen. You need to touch in the UPC toolbar. If UPC toolbar cursor in the UPC box then, follow below step
  2. It could be handheld scanner off:-

a) Open Settings on iPad, click Bluetooth and find the scanner to ensure there is a connection.

Note: If scanner is not connected, you will need to follow the scanner’s manual on how to connect to Bluetooth.

b) Open Rapid RMS App, click Settings on login page.

c) Click UPC Scanner and select the appropriate scanner type (device scanner orBluetooth scanner).