How to Generate Shipping Order?

Inventory Transfer is used when store wants to transfer items from one store to another store.
Generate shipping order means when source store want to generate shipping order to send items to destination store.

There are 2 ways to Generate and create transfer/shipping order.

(1) Follow below steps to Generate transfer order from Generate Order section.
1. Open rapid rms application.
2. Open Inventory Transfer module.
3. Open Generate Order category.
4. Now from Generate Order page, select fields for item selection.
Ex : Select Date : Daily, Department : Beer.


5. Now Tap on ‘Create Open Order’ button.


6. Now enter open order title and tap on save button.
7. Now Store list will display which linked with this store from Bof side.


8. From Store list, select that store from where this store want to send items.
9. Click on done button.


10. Now Order will Generate Under Inventory Transfer -> Transfer Order Items module and Po -> Open Order list.
-> Inventory Transfer -> Open Transfer Order -> Transfer Order List page -> Transfer Order Items.


-> Purchase Order -> Open Order -> Open Order List -> Open Order Items.


( 2 ) Follow below steps to Create transfer order from Open Transfer order.

1. Open Rapid rms app.
2. Go to Open Transfer Order from Po module.
3. In top right side, tap on + Icon.
4. Now tap on store selection option.


5. Enter Open Order Title and tap on save button.


6. Now select store and click on done button.


7. Now transfer order list will create in inventory transfer of source store and one open order will create in Po of destination store.
-> Inventory Transfer -> Open Transfer Order ->Transfer Order List.


-> Purchase Order -> Open Order -> Open Order List.