Generate PO from Generate order module

How to Generate PO from Generate order module

From generate order module item(S) can be added to the purchase order list for generate order new order.
1. Go to rapid rms application.
2. Open purchase order module from dashboard.


3. Click on generate order.


4. Item can be added by various filter.
5. From select date item can be selected by date range selling. i.e daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly etc.
6. Item can be filter via, department, vendor, group, tag, variation, min qty,maximum stock level etc.


7. Click on generate PO.
8. New PO will generate with added item.
If we apply Generate PO option then new PO will generate and if there is item(s) available in PO then that will remove.


And if apply Add to PO then selected item(s) will added to PO. If there is already items available in PO then they will not remove. Only filtered item(S) would added to PO.