How Department services will work in IOS?

Department services are for special department category . In department services lottery, gas, money order, gift card, check cash, vendor payout, house charge, cash back, Lottery payout and payout etc services are considered.

Department services can not be create or delete by user. User can edit department services.

For configuration of department services follow below process.

1. Go to dashboard and open inventory management module.


2. From inventory go to department section.
3. Open department section and go to services.
4. All default services are listed here.


5. There are all services with enable/disable option.
6. When service is enable then only you can open that service in edit mode.


7. Department service available with service name, code, profit margin.
9. Also you can set EBT option to any service.
10. Tax application is possible in service same like normal department.
11. TAx can be apply on price, fee and both.
12. Department tax can be set from all tax(tax master) available in system.
13. On service fee/deposite application is also possible.


14. When hit save then applied changes will save in department service.
15. When hit close then without save applied change department service edit mode turn off.
16. When status of any service is ON then only that service display in cash register department section.


17. Lottery department is ON so we can ring up from RCR.